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Computer Applications Corporation was initially formed as a consulting partnership between John Cox and Francis Keller in 1973, and the firm was incorporated as Cox & Keller, Inc., in 1976. Kenneth Gregg joined the firm in 1978, thus completing the management team. The name was changed to Computer Applications Corporation in 1980 to better reflect the broadening scope of the organization.

Drawing on the varied backgrounds of its staff, Computer Applications Corporation offers extensive experience in essentially all areas of computer applications and with most major platforms and languages. CAC® only provides professional services, and does not sell hardware or pre-written software.

Since the very beginning, Computer Applications Corporation has depended on its employees and what they can do. Therefore, the firm provides many benefits which give the staff incentive and security - benefits that include health and disability insurance, vacation, sick leave, 401(k) pension/profit sharing plan, and overtime compensation. Deservingly, employees feel part of a conservatively managed, financially sound organization. CAC® has endured numerous changes in the economy and marketplace without ever releasing a single employee for lack of business. This employee security is, in turn, passed on to the client who can be sure that today's trusted experience will continue to serve them well tomorrow. Such a relationship is only good business.

And good business is something for which Computer Applications Corporation strives. Commitment to these ideals explains the firm's significant amount of repeat business with clients who value consistent proficiency. Working hard to gain a client's trust and respect, working hard to keep it, the employees of CAC® are applying new ideas to a changing computer world.

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